Poetry Collection – April 2020

A few of the poems that I wrote throughout the month of April. Enjoy!

Taken At Face Value

Your mouth contorts itself into countless shapes and lines,
Spit leaping out from behind your coffee-stained teeth.

Your eyes pore into my own,
Burning a fire-blazed hole into my psyche.

Your arms flap wildly, gesturing toward some invisible presence,
All a theatrical production of some monotonous topic.

Your words contrast your face,
The literal meaning wrestling with a raised eyebrow.

The performance evades the gears grinding in my mind,
Trying to tackle every camouflaged emotion.

They fail, and in the end, 
I just smile and nod.

After countless rehearsals and repeated-repeated-lines memorized,
I'm putting on my own show.




At three-a-m, as I lie in my soft, silk-smooth, suffocated bed,
Thoughts running between blackened trees and dew-drop-dressed stones,
The air heavy with their forced breath and anxiety-addled fog,
Panting and puffing as they race toward an end that even I have not determined,
One makes it to the invisible finish line,
And stands out above all:

"Why do dogs eat grass?"


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