Poetry Collection – May 2020

I didn’t write as much poetry as I wanted to this month, as the majority of my time was spent applying (and interviewing) for jobs abroad. However, I plan on creating more in June, since they’ve proven to be a great way for me to get things off of my chest, whether those “things” are happy, sad, scary, or anything in between. Please enjoy two poems that I wrote during the lovely month of May:

Self-Critique at 3:00am

Lying stick-straight and rigid
In a springy creaky bed,
Echoed breath preserves my life,
But my mind wants me dead.

I’m shown lack of worth
Through gruesome ghastly scenes,
Bitter like prickled pickles
Sour like tangy tangerines.

They swirl through my vision
Taunting tastes of a timeline
That could happen if I choose;
“Potential” is a haunting chime.

I push and push away
This raging, paining jest
As I force myself to sleep,
Though it’s hours ‘fore I rest.

Then my thoughts fade to dark,
And like the saying’s sung:
The battle may be over,
But the war’s just begun.


I’m not usually a fan of traditional rhyme schemes; I prefer writing in a more erratic, or train-of-thought kind of way. However, I think it’s good to be at least somewhat experienced in a variety of poetry styles, so I decided to try it out with this one. I think I did pretty well, and I threw in a lot of onomatopoeia and alliteration as well–things that I try to incorporate in most, if not all, of my poetry.

The Act, Ver. 1

I stand aghast in an arena
Mouth agape and anguishing
Attempting to say anything
While the audience 
Blathers away like beetles and bumblebees
Buzzing in anticipation of the 
Ballyhooed performance


This one was mostly based around the fact that my mind seems to have tons of separate thoughts happening at the same time, and sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on one specifically or even just quiet the chatter that’s happening in my brain. I don’t know if I really like this one, but I figured I’d share it anyway.

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