Poetry Collection – May 2020

I didn’t write as much poetry as I wanted to this month, as the majority of my time was spent applying (and interviewing) for jobs abroad. However, I plan on creating more in June, since they’ve proven to be a great way for me to get things off of my chest, whether those “things” are … More Poetry Collection – May 2020

Poetry Collection – April 2020

A few of the poems that I wrote throughout the month of April. Enjoy! Taken At Face Value Your mouth contorts itself into countless shapes and lines, Spit leaping out from behind your coffee-stained teeth. Your eyes pore into my own, Burning a fire-blazed hole into my psyche. Your arms flap wildly, gesturing toward some … More Poetry Collection – April 2020

How I Am Learning Korean

Throughout my late freshman and early sophomore years of college, I took two different Korean language courses. Both were through my university, and neither were very helpful for me, personally. Sure, I learned how to read Hangul and memorized a few phrases, but my professor (bless her heart, she was a sweet woman) primarily focused … More How I Am Learning Korean

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